Saturday, 4 October 2014

Make Your Own Breakfast Day

JS has been helping me with some chores in the kitchen since he was about 3. However, I think it is still too early for him to do the actual cooking. I would like him to learn to prepare some simple meals on his own so perhaps making breakfast is the best way to start. I am planning to make it a once-a-week activity; like a Make My Own Breakfast Day thing. 

Here are three simple breakfasts that he enjoyed making for himself. 

1. Milk With Granola/Muesli

This is particularly easy for him as it only involves pouring. 

2. Oats With Raisins

Scooping is a bit more difficult for him, especially when it comes to scooping things out of a bag with smaller openings. As you can see in the second picture below, he spilled some oats, but that is part of learning. 

3. Mayo Egg Sandwich

This is slightly more complicated but he enjoyed the entire process, especially cracking and peeling the eggs, and squeezing the mayonnaise. 

Some of the other breakfasts that he usually has are jam and bread, omelets, avocado with yogurt and pancakes. If I am in the mood of going out in the morning to buy some breakfast, he would get to eat nasi lemak or pau (bun with fillings). 

What are your children's favourite breakfast?

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