Thursday, 13 February 2014

From Letters to Words

JS learnt his alphabets soon after he started talking and that was when he was two. However, I am quiet sure that he could not really figure out what they were for and I did not force him to learn his words too. We did a lot of reading and new words using mainly pictures to build up his vocabulary but only started to do words recently. 

I bought him a set of alphabets about three months ago but he was not interested in making words with them. All we managed to do was to spell his name. 

Three weeks ago, he asked for the alphabet set and said he wanted to do his name with it. So, instead of just spelling his name, I made him arrange words that are printed at the back of his flashcards. I hope that he would soon understand the meaning of words via this activity.

The words printed at the back of the cards used small letters but the alphabet set is in capital letters. This serves as a good activity for him to sharpen his knowledge on the use of alphabets as well as learning both capital and small letters. He loves doing this activity and sometimes we can do it twice a day. 

JS forming words. 
JS checking the word at the back of the flashcard. 

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