Friday, 11 April 2014

Filing Alphabets Accordingly

Although JS knows all his alphabets and also the ABC song,  he does not know that they are arranged in a particular sequence. Anyway, I did not really mind because I know that he will eventually learn them. All I could do is to introduce the sequence to him and he will learn it in his own time. 
I have forgotten all about some alphabets sheets that I have printed for him about 3 years ago. It was JS who found them while "ransacking" his drawers for something to read. Besides the alphabets that come with a picture, he found sheets of papers with many words printed on them. They were the words for the pictures such as alligator for A, butterfly for B and cake for C. He did not know how to read the words so he asked me to read them to him. 

While reading those words to him I decided to let him do an activity with these "materials" that he found. So, this  was what we did. 

I gave him the alphabet chart so that he could refer to the sequence of the alphabets (as shown in the above picture) and arrange them accordingly on the floor. 

JS arranging the alphabets accordingly.

After putting all the letters on the floor, he was given 26 words. He had to highlight the first letter of each word. Then he had to stick the correct word on each alphabet based on the first letter which he highlighted. This was to give him an idea of what we meant by "D for dog", "E for elephant" and so on. 

JS highlighting the first letter of each word.

Since he recognises the pictures he was able to read the words on his own. 

JS sticking the word "grasshopper" on the letter "G".

The entire activity took him about 90 minutes to finish. 

For the afternoon session, we did filing. He had to use a two hole punch to punch holes on the papers and then file them in a folder. 

JS making a mark on the line I made for him by folding the paper in two. 

JS making sure that the paper is properly placed.

JS punching holes on the paper.

Lastly he had to put them into the file. 

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