Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sensory Play For My Baby Sister

As JS has been the only child in the family for three years before the arrival of his sister JE, I knew that "sibling rivalry" would be one of the greatest challenges that I would have to help him overcome. Besides giving him more attention than usual (that was when I started one to two sessions of play/art and craft with him on a daily basis), I include him in almost every aspect that relates to taking care of his sister such as feeding and bathing. I would get him to fill up JE's water bottle when I need to feed her or get him to choose the clothes for his sister before her bathing time. I found that although he still feels jealous and sometimes, reluctant to share things with JE, he is quiet a good brother after all. 

Since JS did not have any sensory play when he was younger, I decided to let him make them for his sister. In that way, he would get to experience them for himself as well as learn to share his make with her. 

I bought a shape cutter and decided to make a colourful sensory play for JE. It was a killing-two-birds-with-a-stone project as we would be making two sensory plays in this activity. 

First, JS had to wash a small container to make sure it is clean and safe for his sister to play with. 

JS could not use the shape cutter because it was too tight and he did not have the strength to press it so I did the shape cutting. 
We thought it would be nice make something else from the portion of paper where I cut out the leaves so JS cut them out into interesting stripes of papers.

Next, he helped to put all the colourful leaves into the container as a sensory play for his sister. 

The small container is JE's second sensory play which contrasted with her first. The first one was in a bigger container with bottle caps that produced loud sounds while the second one was in a small container and it produced soft sounds. 

JS showing the Big and Loud versus the Small and Soft sensory plays. 

Here is the other sensory play that we made using the stripes of papers which JS cut out. 

So far, this is the sensory play that JE loved the most out of the three. 

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