Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Number Sequencing With DIY Flash Cards

Since JS is already quiet good at counting, I thought it was time to proceed to number sequencing. For a toddler who could hardly sit still, I had to come up with something which looks like play. 

First, we made some flash cards. 

JS cutting out a number for his flashcard. 

JS pasting the numbers on some cards. 

JS putting on round labeling stickers at the back of the cards. 
Next, JS had to hang the cards on a string. At first, he hung them randomly so after completing all the cards, I made him arrange them in order. 

For the number sequencing activity, I took away some cards and left the pegs on the string. He had to count the number of pegs with no cards and put the correct numbers in their right places. 

JS counting the number pegs without a card. 

JS putting the number "4" at its correct place. 

We also did "more than or less than" activity with the cards. The dots at the back of the cards made it easier for JS to identify which number is larger or smaller. 

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