Monday, 14 July 2014

Sink or Float?

Since JE started on semi solid food, I have lesser time to spend with JS on his daily activity sessions. Thus, I am now doing shorter sessions with him and let him absorb what he learnt on his own afterwards. If he is interested in the project, he would continue to do something with it otherwise, he is allowed to proceed with other activities. 

In this activity, we tried to find out which object would sink and which would float on water. 

First, JS looked for some items for his experiment. Then he had to fill up his sister's bath tub with water and he was ready for his experiment. 

Hmmm.... let's see whether this baking tray would sink or float.

It floats!

After his experiment, he started fishing out the objects using a pair of chopsticks. Upon seeing this, I challenged him to use the chopstick in the proper way by trying to put all the rings into the tub. 

JS trying to use the chopsticks correctly.

Mommy! I can do it!

After playing, he learnt to use the some help to move a tub full of water which is very heavy for him. 

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