Monday, 14 July 2014

Primary and Secondary Colours

JS loves painting way more than drawing and I thought that he would love to use it to learn about colour mixing.This time, we used a lot of paint so that the result would be obvious and looks attractive for JS to remember his primary and secondary colours. 

However, I wanted him to practice using the pencil to draw specific objects so I incorporated the use of colour pencils in this activity. 

First, he had to draw circles using container covers and colour pencils. Each set of circles comprised of a small one and a larger one, and both must be in different colours. 

Next, he had to use a syringe to draw some paint and put them along the circles. 

Lastly, he had to use a cotton bud to mix the colours together. He really enjoyed this part as he tried to guess the secondary colours. 

I wanted him to remember the primary colours that made each of the secondary colours so we wrote them down. 

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