Friday, 18 July 2014

"C" Is For...

Here is another activity for JS to understand why we say "A" is for apple, "B" is for ball, etc. Since he could not read yet, using flash cards is my best choice for him to be able to read the word (based on the picture) and identify each of their first letter. 

Before starting the exercise, we went through an alphabet and word book where I made him read "A for ambulance", "B for banana", etc. 

To make him feel like it's play rather than learning, I made him draw the cards with his eyes closed instead of giving him specific cards.

JS picking a card with his eyes closed.

In the picture below, he drew the word "snake". After identifying the first letter of the word, which was "s" he had to take that particular letter, together with the card and put them in one of the box (which is one of the floor tile). If he already had a word that begins with the same letter, he had to look for it and put it in the same box. 

Children who has problem sitting still for a long period of time might most probably enjoy this activity. 

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