Monday, 9 March 2015

Pillow Play and Counting

Now that JE is walking more steadily, there are countless of new activities that she could do. Here is one activity that helps her to practice her new skill. It involves a lot of movements and we also added counting to it.
I chose pillows as the object of this activity because it is light, soft and quite big for her, which she might find it to be a little more challenging but not intimidating. 

I started by taking five of the many pillows we have at the living room and placed them in front of her. As I do that, I counted one, two, three, four, five. Then I just let her do whatever she wanted to with them for a while, then I would make a pattern with them, counting one, two, three, four, five as I arranged them nicely. So, every time when I arrange them, I would do the counting. 

She would also learn to take instructions when I told her to "stack it" or "give it to Mommy" or "put it here beside this pillow". 

Here are some picture of what we did. 

First she stacked the five pillows I gave her.

Then she decided to add one of her own. 

And praised herself for a job well done. 

Then I directed her to arrange them in a row.

By the end of the session, she was exhausted....

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