Thursday, 7 May 2015

Weather Chart

Here is another long delayed post. JS made this weather chart a few months back. I have been busy organising, scheduling and re-scheduling my time and things-to-do list for a few months now, trying to find the best way I could to juggle housework and the children's needs, thus, neglecting this blog for quiet a while. On top of that, I have been a bit selective on the activities that I prefer to post first. I just noticed that I have not even posted the second part of our Chinese New Year activities. I will try to find the time to write that as soon as I can. I am trying to psycho myself into getting up 1 to 2 hours earlier so that I can get more things done but I am finding it hard to get out of bed when I wake up at around 5am to make JE a bottle of milk. When JE was still an infant, I did not go back to bed after feeding her at 5am and I could get a lot of things done but now, I wonder why I just couldn't do the same. Hmmm... perhaps I am getting old? 

OK. Lets go back to the weather chart. It was very easy to make as we used cut out pictures. The colourful pictures actually made the chart look quiet attractive. We used labelling stickers for words and cut a pointer from a foam sheet. 

I wrote the words "WEATHER CHART" on a piece of paper for JS to refer to as he formed the words on a black mounting board. After that, he arranged and glued four pictures - rainy day, sunny day, cloudy day and windy day on the board. JS used to refer sunny day as "hotty day" (I presume that he figured the term out, in relation to "rainy day"). Until now, he would sometimes prefer to use his own terms. 

Then he placed the labels correctly under each picture. 

Lastly, he fixed the pointer at the centre. 

We hang the chart on the easel that we put near the sliding glass door where JS could check the weather whenever he likes and use the pointer to point at the correct weather. 

One morning, while on the way to school, JS told me that he dislike sunny days because it is too hot. He likes cloudy day or night time when the sun is not shining. Hmmm... he is more like his dad in this aspect. I love sunny day! Cloudy day is nice but if it lasts too long, I feel gloomy. Sunny day makes me happy. What about you? 

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