Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sticker Play

Sticker is an essential item when it comes to doing projects with my children. They come in all kinds of sizes, texture, colours and design, easy to handle and most importantly, they are almost mess free. The kids love them and as for me, it is the perfect solution for a quick-an-easy project for them to work on when I do not have much time to prepare for more complicated activities. It is also one of the activities that I can do with both of them at the same time without having to worry about a messy workstation to clean up. 

While JS worked on his sticker picture, JE started by exploring  the collection of stickers we have. 


Then she joined her brother at the table and worked on her own little project. 

JE working on her little project.
JS started with a fruit tree and added fruits and animals to it. Then, he added numbers one to ten in a particular sequence among the animals and tree. 

The next day, we did another round of sticker play. This time, instead of sticking them on paper, they had to stick the labels on their bodies. I wrote the names of a few body parts based on a body chart. JS used the body chart as a reference to learn new words and then stick the labels on the correct body parts. 

JE also joined in the fun as JS and I stuck the stickers on her.

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