Sunday, 26 July 2015

Helping With Household Chores

We have been very busy lately and I am finding it harder and harder to update this blog regularly. With JE joining in most of the activities, it takes a longer time to finish a project or chore, but we are having lots of fun. JS has been able to help with a lot more chores than before. He seems to enjoy them, feeling like he is working like an adult. However, he is still a kid so he sometimes would back out if he finds it too difficult but with some encouragement, he is able to give the more challenging tasks a try again. Once he is able to complete it, he has this sense of pride in him that I could see in his smile. The smile that says "I can do it, all by myself. I feel like a grown up!"

Here are some of the household chores that JS has been helping with lately. 

1. Laundry

2. In The Kitchen

Peeling off the shell of the prawn
Doing the dishes

3. In the garden

Clearing out an old trunk
JE wanted to join in too. She put on a glove given to her by JS and tried to open a garbage bag.

Cleaning the windows.
I try not to ask him to do the tasks unless he offers to help and would allow him to dismiss himself from the task if he doesn't feel like doing it anymore. He is still a kid and if he wants to help, I'll be more than grateful but if he doesn't, it should be totally fine. I find that this bears more positive results in the long run rather than giving him a list of tasks that he has to do on a regular basis. 

As of now, JS is most keen in helping out in the kitchen and has offered to do the dishes several times. He loves to help with preparing meals too which make the cooking time much longer, but it is much more fun doing it with him rather than doing it on my own. 

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Bee Kim said...

JS is an adorable and obedient boy. Hugs to both JS and JE, and thumbs up for being a wonderful mom. Tough job but someone's got to do it.