Monday, 28 March 2016

JE's First Encounters With Paint

I really salute parents who could homeschool a more than one kid. I only have two and I am already struggling. It is not easy to juggle homeschooling with housework and I have not been  seriously homeschooling my children for sometime now. I started "formally" homeschooling JS, my elder child when he was 2.5 years old so I have set that as the "appropriate" age to start with JE, my younger one, too. 

Since JE has just turned 2.5 years old this month, I am just starting to reorganise my schedule or daily rhythm (as I would prefer to call it) to start "properly" with her. 

I find teaching JE more challenging. Firstly, it is because she is being exposed to a lot of things much earlier than JS. With JS, (as I assume that it would be more or less the same case with all first borns), things were slowly being introduced to him. We did not have any colouring materials or any art and craft materials and no toys. So he got the opportunity to focus on one new toy or one new art material as we gradually add them to his collection. He did not have any elder sibling to observe too so perhaps that was why he was (to my opinion) mush easier to teach. Whereas for JE, she was exposed to many things at the same time and so it seems that she assumed that she knew how to use them and thus, she doesn't really take instructions. She would rather do things her own way. Or maybe that's just her character? 

So I decided that the best way to "teach" her new things is to give her something new to explore on her own (with me observing and not instructions given). If she shows interest, then I would try to show her new ways of using the "toy" that she was exploring. 

I found out that she loves to play with paint and thus, have introduced to her some of the ways to use it. 

Here are some of the pictures of her exploring paint in different forms. 

JE's very first encounter with paint. She was so excited and she spent almost an hour on this activity. 

JE's second encounter with paint. 

JE's third session with paint. Here, I introduced stamping. 

I think she decided that it was much more fun to use the brush!

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