Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Time to Blog!

I've always wanted to start a blog but finding a theme was difficult and this has somewhat delayed me from working on the idea.  Other reasons include the "complexity" of maintaining a blog such as having to update it regularly and post pictures to make it more interesting. How am I going to find time to do all that?

Well, I am not a busy career woman to start with, but I have a family to take care of. It is not a BIG family of eight or ten, in fact, it is a very small family of 3 - my hubby, my toddler (JS) and myself.

"Oh! You'll certainly have time to do it. You are just not motivated enough to start a blog." I am sure many would say that, unless you are a first time stay-at-home mom who is managing a household and a toddler, without help (no parents, in-laws or any other close relatives that stay nearby).

We had a nanny and that made my life so much easier but my relationship with JS was not good at all. I have to confess that I was neither good at doing household chores nor taking care of a kid. I did not know how to handle him to the point that I felt worried and scared whenever I was left alone with him.

"How am I going to be a good mother to my son if this situation continues" I thought and so I decided to take up the challenge, quit my job and be a stay-at-home mom. Things were pretty bad in the first few months but they got better gradually.

Since my son started attending school two weeks ago (he is turning 3 this June), I could do my chores in the morning while he is at school and have more time for myself when he takes his nap in the afternoon. And I thought: "I think I can work on a blog now!"

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cherrysabby said...

A great start. Looking forward to more posts. And we're up for some "renkon-ning" soon (wink)