Thursday, 31 January 2013

Exploring Vegetarian

With age catching up, it is normal that we start to be more conscious of our health conditions. One of the ways is to eat more healthily. As the only chef at home, I decided to change our eating habits by preparing meatless meals for dinner at least five times a week. It is a challenge for me as I have always found that meatless dishes do not taste as good as those with meat so I did a bit of brain storming and came up with a list of vegetarian dishes. Both my husband and I do not prefer mock meat (those served by some vegetarian restaurants) so I had to work only on fruits and vegetables. I have to admit that the long list on my menu sheet actually caught me by surprise!

Here are some of the vegetarian meal/dishes that I prepared for the past few days. 

Dumpling fillings: cabbage, carrot, firm tofu, shallot, garlic
NOTE: This is the simpler version. If you are not going for a meatless dumpling, you can actually add ground meat and  prawns.
Dumplings with rice
Stir-fry pumpkin with cucumber

Stir-fry noodles with black fungus, carrot, Chinese cabbage, garlic and shallot
NOTE: I use organic noodles
Stir-fry capsium
Pheww! This is my first time adding pictures to my blog and it is "complicated" for me because JS woke up as I was uploading the pictures. Managed to get him to play with his motorbike for a while and now he wants to have papaya for snack. So I've got to sign off now!

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