Monday, 2 September 2013

Teaching My 2-Year-Old

When my son turned two, I thought that it was time to start him on some kind of "formal" education to prepare him for school. And by that, I mean, to set a specific time for him to do certain activities that are similar to classroom activities in a pre-school. The types of activities can vary from learning English and Maths to practical life exercises.

In this post, I would like to share with you one of the most "formal" activity that I introduced to him when he was two and a half. At the time, he could already recognise numbers 0 - 10 and most of the capital letters in the alphabets. However, he did not know the meaning of those numbers as well as what alphabets are for.

In order to keep him interested in the activity, I knew that I had to let him do most of the work instead of just looking at books. Since he still could not draw or write properly, I did not want to force him to write, not even by holding his hand. For me, it is OK to do it while I teach him to draw but I would certainly put him off learning numbers or language if I start by asking him to write out the letters or the numbers.

After several weeks of research and planning, I finally came up with a worksheet for him.

The materials that you need can be found in any bookstores. They are as follows:

  1. An easel
  2. Art blocks (at least A3 size)
  3. Maker pens of different colours
  4. Self-adhesive labels of any shape and sizes of your preference
  5. Glue
  6. A pair of scissors 
  7. Two mounting boards
  8. A cutter
  9. Any kind of coloured paper
  10. Double clips or large clothes pegs
  11. Pictures *
Note: For pictures, you can print them out if you have a colour printer at home or you can cut them out from magazines, newspapers or unwanted books. As for me, as I do not have a colour printer at home, I would have to cut them out from books. To make things easier, I bought pre-school workbooks on alphabets and numbers. Since I am teaching him five words per letter, I bought a few alphabet workbooks so that I have more pictures to choose from.

Here are the materials used. 

Materials for English Language Worksheet
Worksheet for English Language

Materials for Maths Worksheet

Worksheet for Maths
So far, my son enjoyed his lessons. 

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