Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Off We Go To Outer Space! (Part 1)

This is supposed to be our second week long project after "A City Of My Own" but it came to a halt after the first day as JS was not feeling well and could not focus on painting his planets. I had to come up with other back up activities that were not so complicated for him and only resume the project last week. 

All in all, it took us four days (not consecutive) to finish the entire Outer Space project which include planets and constellations besides the usual rockets, spaceships and spacemen. We spent most of the days to complete the planets and one sessions each for the rest. 


On the first day, we spent both the morning and the afternoon sessions making the planets. 

First, we crumpled some newspapers and shape them into little balls of planets. We had to make sure they have the correct ratio so there were lots of measuring to do. 

Then, we cover the balls of planets in white paper. That was all we did on the first day. 


We spent the entire day painting all nine planets. JS managed to paint three of them - Pluto, Saturn and Earth. 

JS painting his favourite planet - The Earth
He gave up after that and told me to help him do the rest. So, I made him mix the paint for me.

JS mixing the paint. 

Not long after that, he left and went to play with his sister!

"Let Mommy do the hard work. I want to enjoy myself and entertain Mei Mei (little sister) for a while."


This was done on the last day of the project where we "blast off" to outer space to see the planets, moon and the stars. 

JS has to label pick the right planets, label them and arrange them accordingly based on a chart I showed him from the internet. 

"Hmmm. Which one is Jupiter?"

JS labeling one of the planets.

JS arranging the planets accordingly.
Note: We use the picture of a sun we made from labeling stickers a few months ago.
JS placing the last planet in its proper position.
JS' interest in planets and the outer space is due to some of the bedtime stories we read together. Therefore, I would say that reading plays an important role in cultivating different interest in a child. 

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