Thursday, 27 March 2014

Off We Go To Outer Space! (Part 2)

Our second big project for the Outer Space theme is making  constellations. At one glance, it looks easy, but JS spent almost two hours making all the 12 zodiac constellations. 
The stickers were a bit tricky to handle and he had difficulties drawing straight lines using a ruler. 

I made some marks on the pieces of black papers where he is supposed to stick the stickers but I still made him check the pattern from a diagram on the laptop first. This is to give him an idea of what his end result would be. 

JS checking the diagram before putting on the stickers. 

JS putting on the stickers. 
JS drawing lines to complete the constellation.

On that afternoon, we completed the entire project. First, we arranged the planets (shared in the previous post) and then the constellations. 

JS checking the position of each constellation. 
"Found it!"
JS arranging the constellations according to the diagram.
JS studying one of the constellations.

To end the project, we talked about other things in outer space. I took out two other artwork we did that are related to the theme.

The first one is an activity which I categorise as a "quick fix". It is a picture of outer space that comes with pre-cut foam stickers. I call it "quick fix" because I do not need to prepare the materials myself. As simple as it seems to be, I took JS about 90 minutes to complete it. 

The second one is an activity we did months ago when I was teaching him shapes. The picture is based on one of his favourite bedtime stories - Maurice and the Cheese Monster. It is about a Maurice the mouse, a scientist whose latest project is to find out if the moon is made of cheese. 

We had lots of fun blasting off into space in the rocket with Maurice, to check out the moon, the stars and the planets. 

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