Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cooking Up A Storm (Part1)

I actually planned to go for the sewing theme last week and bought some embroidery threads for JS to sew a cake on a foam sheet. I also bought a complete set of sewing craft for him to make a piece of strawberry cake. However, both projects failed as  he refused to sew on the foam sheet because the plastic needle was too thick for the holes I made (my fault, really). As for the strawberry cake, it was simply too complicated for him (my fault too because I did not check the contents first before the session). After two failed attempts (which I shall discuss in a different post on failed projects), JS still wanted to make a cake so this was what we did. 

We went around the house looking for suitable materials and we found a plastic cylinder the size of a small cake. Wonderful! Since JS wanted so much to make one, he shall have it. 

First, we put some crumpled newspaper into the container. This is to hold the candle. 

To make the candle, we used two long straws. We cut them in halves and glued all four together to make a thick candle. Then we rolled them with a colour paper. 

JS cutting the straw. He finds it rather tough but managed to cut both after trying for a few minutes.
This is how the candle looks like. The white paper is for the icing on the cake.

Next, we made the icing around the cake using some patterned colour paper.

JS cutting the paper for the icing around the cake.

After putting on the icing, we stuck the cake on a different colour paper for the cardboard under it. Then we rolled and squeeze some white paper for the icing around the cake. 

Lastly, we crumple some red papers into mini balls to make cherries for the toppings. We also added some round felt stickers for coloured sugar pieces around the cake. 

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