Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cooking Up A Storm (Part 2)

Our second food project was to make pizza, one of JS' favourite food.  It was a two session project as the crust took us quiet a long time to finish. 

First, we drew a circle on a piece of cardboard. This is to be the base of the crust. Then we thickened the crust using 40 sheets of newspapers. I was not able to take any pictures for this as JS needed a lot of help with it. 

JS drawing the circle for the crust.
After we were done with the crust, we rolled some papers for the side crust. 

JS rolling a white paper for the side crust.

Next we cut out some triangles to put on the pizza to make it look like it was cut into six pieces. We also wrapped the side crust with some brown coloured paper.

JS tracing a triangle.

Next we made some mushrooms and capsicums for the toppings.

JS drawing mushrooms with the help of a stencil. 

JS cutting out stripes of capsicum. He could only cut straight lines and found cutting curvy lines very difficult. He gave up after cutting five capsicums. 

This was the best part of the entire session. JS enjoyed himself putting on the vegetables. I think it took him about 10 to 15 minutes to do it as he spent so much time telling me where the mushrooms should be placed. 

JS adding the toppings to his pizza.

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