Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cooking Up A Storm (Part 3)

We made a simple ice cream on the third day of our Food Theme. 

We started off by drawing a circle on a brown coloured paper for the ice cream cone. 

JS drawing a circle for the ice cream cone.
Next, we used crumpled newspapers to make little balls for the ice creams. Then we wrapped them with different coloured papers for a variety of flavours.

JS wrapping the crumpled newspaper with a yellow coloured paper.
Lastly, we arranged the scoops of ice creams on the cone. 

JS arranging the scoops of ice creams.

"How I wish this is a real ice cream!"

On the following day, we made a packet of apple juice. 

First, we made the packet using the origami method of making a paper bag.

JS making the paper bag.

As JS was not confident enough to cut curvy lines (for the apples) yet, I took over the job while he drew lines on a yellow coloured paper. He needed to practice drawing straight lines with a ruler anyway, so I was happy to let him do it. Later, he used the stripes of papers to decorate the straw. 

JS practicing drawing lines with a ruler.
After that  he had to stick on the leaves and the stems on the apples. 

JS sticking a leave on one of the apples.

Then he added some details on the apples with a black marker.

JS adding details on one of the apples.

Next, to make the straw look more interesting, we put some double sided tapes on it and JS had to roll the stripes of papers around it. 

JS rolling a strip of paper around the straw. 
Then he inserted the straw into a hole which I had made earlier on the packet. Before he sealed the packet, we added some crumpled newspapers into the packet. 

JS sealing the packet of apple juice.

JS enjoying his packet of apple juice. 

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