Sunday, 10 August 2014

Doing Spelling With His Favourite Movies

Here is yet another spelling/word game we play to enhance JS' word recognition/spelling skill. Being a movie addict, he is more than happy to do his spelling this way.

To keep things simple, I chose movies that he loved and had fewer words like "Frozen" and "The Lego Movie", which was his latest craze. There was no way of stopping him from singing "Everything Is Awesome!". He would sing it all day long and that included while having dinner at a restaurant and while doing our marketing at the hypermarket. I had to keep on reminding him to tone down  his voice otherwise, everyone would be looking at him (or me, for not being able to keep a toddler from causing noise pollution). 

The materials needed are some wooden or plastic alphabets, paper plates and DVDs. We got ourselves six DVDs for this activity and thus, we need six paper plates where I would put the alphabets in for him to arrange. 

After making sure he had the correct number of paper plates, JS had to collect the sets of alphabets from me. 

Then he would pick a DVD. 

 He would have to spell and read the title of the movie.

Next, he had to look for the plate with the correct set of alphabets and 

arrange them accordingly. 

Here are the six movies titles he spelt. If we had more time, we would usually do Q&A or "Tell About". For the first, I would do the asking and he, the answering. As for the latter, he would just pick one of the movies and tell me the story. 

You could also use storybooks or flashcards instead of DVDs for this activity. 

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