Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lets Learn Chinese

OK. Obviously, I am not sure whether I am doing this correctly. I   only learnt Mandarin when I was in preschool and so, teaching  it to JS is a great challenge for me. This is our third session. For the first two, we only made flashcards with pictures and the characters, which I shall discuss in a different post. 

I prefer to do it on large art blocks, similar to our alphabet and number activities so I came up with this. Besides character recognition, I wanted to incorporate simple activities and a rhyme so I was glad that I finally found some good preschool books that I could use. 

JS learnt this character a few months ago when he was still attending school. For a start, I always like to make things simple for him. It's a way I use to boost his confidence when it comes to doing a new activity. It is "hand" and in Mandarin, we read it as "shou". 

I drew a hand at one corner of the art block and traced the character at the other corner. He had to stick the character on and put a picture of a hand next to it. 

Then we proceed to "shuang shou" which means, "both hands". For some extra activities, he had to trace his hands next to the phrase. 

Next, we proceeded to two other phrases that has the word "hand" in them. They were "hui shou" (wave) and "pai shou" (clap). 

I found two other pictures for clap and wave so, some extra activities for JS, where he had to stick the pictures correctly beside their respective phrases. 

And lastly, we read the rhyme. 

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