Wednesday, 5 August 2015

More Sensory and Motor Skill Play

Here are some of the sensory and motor skills play that JE enjoyed recently. 

These can  be short session activities but if she really enjoys it, she could play for quiet a long time. Sometimes, if we carry out these activities in the afternoon, JS would join in too. 

Most of the things we used are common items found at home and you can substitute them with other similar objects. 

For example, we can use rings or rubber bands for this activity. 

This "fishing" activity helps JE to practice her spooning skill.

For this activity (pushing and pulling objects through a hole) many other types of objects could be used. Here we used french beans.

Meal time is a good time to put their motor skills into practice. 

JE doesn't really like to eat eggs but this activity was a success. I made her peel her own egg and she happily ate it! 

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