Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Learning To Tie Shoe Laces With DIY Slippers

This is a long delayed project with the aim of trying to teach JS how to tie a ribbon and also shoelaces. He does not have any shoes with shoelaces yet so it was almost unnecessary to learn this skill but I think he should so I told him that he could have his own sport shoes like Daddy's badminton shoes when he grows a bit older and he could go play badminton with him. 

The activity would not be interesting without something actual to work on so the best thing was to make a footwear for this purpose.

We made a pair of slippers with patterned cardboards, felt stickers and foam sheets. 

The first step was to draw the outline of his feet for the foot soles. 

Next we made the upper part using foam sheets and felt stickers. Then we punched some holes for the string. The string was not really necessary but because this project was aimed at teaching JS how to fix shoe strings and tie a ribbon, it was necessary. If your project was just to make a slipper, you can decorate the upper part in any other way. 

From the picture below you can see that we used felt stickers to stick the upper part on the insole of the slipper. We used felt stickers because it has a stronger hold and is mess free. Next, we put some latex glue at the bottom of the insole to stick the sole on. 

Lastly, JS learnt to tie the string on the slipper. 

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