Saturday, 5 September 2015

Racing Against Time

JS has been very active ever since he was a baby. He wouldn't stop moving his limbs even when he was lying in the incubator. He was prematurely born at 30 weeks. He was also very talkative. The only time when he would not be moving his body or talking, is when he is sleeping. Thus, it is a challenge for me, who is not quiet active in sports, to come up with lots of physical activities for him. 

I have always wanted to create a "sort of" relay match for him so one day, I just came up with this simple race. Since he had no one to race against, I made him race against the time, which is to finish all tasks and reach the finish line within a minute. 

He had to run from the main entrance of the house to the living hall where the sofa is and stack up a specific number of pillows according to my instructions which was only given when he reach the sofa, which was "Station 1". The pillows in the living hall comes in two different sizes so I would say something like "3 big and 2 small" which meant, 3 big pillows and 2 small pillows. 

Once done, he need to run to the first "tunnel" (formed using two chairs) and pick a specific number of Lego Duple also, according to the instructions given only when he reached the location, which is "Station 2". 

Next, he would have to go through the second "tunnel" and drop the Lego Duplos in a container just in front of the "tunnel". This is "Station 3". 

At "Station 4", he would have to pick a flashcard based on instruction given. 

And once he got the right card, he is supposed to go under the table which is the finish line of the race. 

Through this activity, he learnt to take instructions and carry them out accordingly within a short period of time. On top of that, he gets to run and crawl around the house, something which he loves doing all day long. 

And while JS was busy running and crawling and carrying out the tasks given to finish his races, JE was happily stacking up the Lego Duplos.  

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