Sunday, 13 September 2015

Colourful Capsicums

Capsicums and more capsicums! I think this was the first time I bought so many capsicums at one time. All because my son loves them and the department store was offering five different colours. How could I not get them all? So, I ended up buying ten capsicums, two of each colours. 

Of course, JS was thrilled to see so many colourful capsicums and started taking them out from the plastic bags. Besides admiring the vibrant colours, we did some counting with them. 

Then, we cooked them! Or rather, JS, had his first experience cooking capsicum on his own. We (my hubby and I) do not really like the way capsicum is being cooked in Chinese dishes, especially when added in mixed vegetables. It was not something my husband would happily eat until I accidentally discovered the super simple  yet delicious way of preparing this very nutritious vegetable. 

One day, some years ago, I was pan frying salmon and after that, I did not want to waste all the "good" oil that remained in the pan after frying the fish so I just used it to stir fry some capsicums. Surprisingly, it turned out really good and sweet. 

We did not have pan fried salmon on that day when I bought the capsicums but of course, we could still have stir fry capsicums. It is JS' favourite so he happily learnt how to prepare it. 

I helped him to half the capsicums so he could remove the seeds (which he gathered in a small container because we wanted to try planting it in our garden). 

Next, he cut them lengthwise and sprinkled some salt. 

Then, I helped him to pour some cooking oil into the wok and he could do the rest. When the oil was heated, he put in the strips of colourful vegetables and stir fry them on medium to high fire. 

The dish doesn't look very good here, due to poor photography skill. It's taken using my iPhone and the lighting was poor too because we use amber lights at home. Nevertheless, JS was very satisfied with his cooking that he almost ate everything up! 

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