Sunday, 15 March 2015

All Things Yellow

When it comes to teaching JE, I have been using a similar "syllabus" as what I did with JS. However, the activities may vary as they are different individuals with their own personalities and preferences. I would try what I did with JS but if she doesn't show much interest, I would change the method or work on a different activity based on my observations of her - the things she likes to play with, the activities she does on her own, etc...

Here is one such activity that focused on colour recognition which I did with JS several years ago. To make things obvious for JE, I would give her toys of the same colour to play with. The towel which I used as the base, was meant to let her concentrate only in that area. As we play, I would say (in this case) "yellow pin", "yellow star", "yellow banana", etc...

Below are some pictures of how the activity went.

JE playing with all the yellow toys.

JS joined in an pretended that he was a yellow duck.

JE feeding the "duck".

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